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Who's Responsible for a Sewer Drain Backup?

Sewer backups are a dirty  business! But who's responsibility is it? We will break it down for you below.

Sewer back ups cause millions of damage for households. Many homeowners don't know they are responsible for the maintenance and repair of their pipe (also known as a sewer lateral) from their home to the sewer main. The lateral is generally maintained and repaired by the homeowner, and therefore their responsibilty. If the backup occurs due to a problem in MSD's sewer main, it becomes the responsibilty of the District. 

If you are experiencing a backup or clog, please contact our District office at 209-728-3094 (24/7) before you call a local plumber. MSD will dispatch our team to access the cause of your backup and advise you on the proper steps to remedy the problem.   

Picture of residential sewer connection from house
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