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New Connections, Permits, and Construction Fees

New Connections, Permits, and Construction Fees

Murphys Sanitary District provides collection and conveyance from your home or business service connection to the treatment plant. Property owners who are interested in sewer service for a new construction, second unit, additions, or other forms of development must obtain a permit from the District. Please click on the link below to view the General Requirements for Sanitary Installations: 

Requirements for Sanitary Sewer Install.pdf

 Murphys Sanitary District inspects the construstion and repair of all public and private sewer lines within its service area. Please keep in mind that permits and guidelines from other agencies are separate from those imposed by the District. 

Connection Fee

This fee is is charged to recover the cost of providing capacity in both the collection system and the treatment facility.  Please fill out the application below to apply for a new sewer permit. If you have any questions please call the office.

Application Fee Schedule

Permit Application Fee $100

Plan Check Fee Deposit $500

Connection fee is $10,000


Application for a New Connection Permit
Permit Form













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